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Sinus & Nasal 

Sinus & Nasal Center In Corona, CA


Patients frequently suffer from chronic nasal allergies and congestion, recurring sinus infections, and chronic sinus pressure with little relief despite many visits to the doctor. Dr. Florea is a locally recognized leader in sinus and nasal care.

Our office has all of the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, such as our very low dose in-office Xoran MiniCAT (shown here) available at our Redlands location to make your visit a complete and comprehensive evaluation of your sinus and nasal issues. Request an appointment to see Dr.Florea today and join the thousands who have found relief to their sinus issues.

MiniCAT scan

Xoran MiniCAT

Medical Therapies For Sinus And Nasal Issues

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty


Balloon Sinuplasty offers a nonsurgical therapy to open blocked sinus passage ways and relieve many sinus conditions including: chronic sinusitis, acute recurring sinusitis, chronic sinus pressure, and even migraine headache.


Balloon Sinuplasty is performed in our office procedure room with intravenous sedation for maximal comfort. It takes just minutes and patients are back to full speed without need for recovery or pain medicine in hours. There is no packing or foreign material placed in the nose and never any bruising or swelling that accompanies traditional sinus surgery.

Nasal Airway Obstruction (NAO)


Common Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction:

  • Trouble breathing through your nose, or a “blocked” feeling

  • Nasal congestion

  • Difficulty sleeping, leading to fatigue

  • Struggling to breathe through your nose during exercise

  • Frequent “mouth breathing”

​With VivAer, your ENT physician will first apply local anesthesia to numb the inside of your nose and then insert a small wand into your nostril to precisely target and treat the blockage. The tip of the wand uses low-temperature radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently remodel your nasal passage to improve airflow. The treatment has minimal discomfort, and once it’s finished, you can typically get right back to your normal daily activities

Endoscopic Sinus And Nasal Surgery


Sinus and nasal surgeries to correct infections and nasal congestion have also been changed dramatically from the old days of packs and splints. Conditions such as chronic sinusitis, septal deviation, turbinate swelling, nasal polyps, and nasal fractures are now easily treated in the office setting without the need for general anesthesia.

This surgical technique to remove the blockage of sinus outflow tracts and relieve sinusitis has been the mainstay of treatment for patients who failed medical therapy for years. Most patients can have their endoscopic sinus surgery right in our office with the comfort of IV sedation with the assistance of balloon sinus dilation to reduce any healing time. No intranasal packing is required and the natural anatomy is preserved. Rapid recovery is the rule, with most patients back to work the next day.


Non-Allergic Management


Many patients suffer from all the typical allergy complaints of congestion, runny nose, sneezing, pressure, and recurring sinus infections only to be told their allergy testing is negative. These patients may have one of several conditions: Local Allergic Rhinitis, Vasomotor Rhinitis, and Structural Issues (Chronic Sinusitis, Septal Deviation, Turbinate Hypertrophy, Nasal Polyps, and Fungal Sinusitis.

Endoscopic Septoplasty

The septum is the divider between the two nasal cavities and it is frequently crooked from abnormal growth or trauma. Dr. Florea performs modern minimally invasive Endoscopic Septoplasty which can be performed right in the office with intravenous sedation. Using techniques that do not require any intranasal packing or splinting. Minimal discomfort, rapid recovery, and little downtime makes this an easy procedure to correct those longstanding nasal blockage issues.

Endoscopic Turbinate Reduction

Turbinate swelling is a frequent reason for nasal congestion. The turbinates are natural shelves that humidify, warm, and filter the air we breathe. Whether from allergies, infection, or addiction to nasal sprays, the turbinates may stay persistently swollen despite maximal medical therapy. Reduction of the swollen nasal turbinates ( Submucosal Turbinate Reduction) can now be performed by a minimally invasive technique similar to liposuction as an office procedure. They can be safely reduced in minutes to allow for free breathing using this technique. Painless and with essentially no recovery the patient is right back to normal activity the next day. This technique does not carry the risk of an overly dry nose or “empty nose syndrome” that the old techniques could cause.


Endoscopic Polyp Removal


Patients that have had issues with recurring nasal polyps have been very frustrated. Recurring extensive surgical therapies over many years can be painful and expensive. Modern office based Polypectomy procedures can be done safely and with comfort using intravenous sedation without the need for general anesthesia in our procedure room. Combined with Balloon Sinuplasty it can provide long lasting results without all the downtime and expense. Comprehensive management in our Allergy Testing and Treatment can also dramatically reduce polyp recurrence.

Fungal Sinusitis Treatment


Fungal sinus infections are a very difficult issue for some patients. This unique form of infection will not respond to traditional medical therapies. Dr.Florea takes a comprehensive approach involving Balloon Sinuplasty, minimally invasive polyp removal using a microdebrider, anti-fungal topical therapies, and allergy management in our Allergy Testing and Treatment Center to relieve this condition with minimal recovery and lasting results.


Sinus & Snoring

We offer many different treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea. It is important to understand that snoring and sleep apnea are part of the same disease process which includes: snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, and sleep apnea.

Snoring is on the mild side.


Simply said, snoring is resistance to airflow while sleeping that causes noise. This noise will bother the bed partner but otherwise does not affect the patient’s health or sleep quality.


Upper airway resistance syndrome is more severe as it also involves snoring but the amount of resistance and noise actually affects the quality of sleep of the patient with arousals and reduced restorative sleep.


Sleep apnea is the more serious issue where there is snoring and also the resistance to the airflow is so significant that there is reduced or complete lack of airflow. These episodes without airflow cause a drop in the blood oxygen and cause a real strain on the cardiovascular system.


Minimally invasive office procedures

  • Balloon Sinuplasty

  • Endoscopic Septoplasty

  • Turbinate reduction

  • Soft Palate Tightening

Surgical Therapy

  • Tonsillectomy

  • Inspire Upper Airway Stimulator Therapy

  • Maxillary Mandibular Advancement Surgeries

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