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Throat Symptoms

  • Acute and Chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis (throat infections)

  • Sore Throat

  • Acid Reflux (phlegm, throat clearing, chronic cough, feeling like something is sticking in the throat, burning of the throat)

  • Voice Problems (hoarse voice, raspy voice, smoker’s voice, weak voice, breathy voice, elderly person’s voice, difficulty projecting the voice, voice spasms, irritation of the voice, loss of voice, growths or tumors of the vocal cords)​

  • Swallowing Problems (difficulty swallowing food, food becoming stuck, food going the wrong way, food avoidance, altered diet, recurrent pneumonia, weight loss, food regurgitation)

  • Trouble sleeping (choking, snoring, gasping for air, waking up tired, low energy, weight gain, desire for frequent naps.

(No longer at Redlands Community Hospital)

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